Help! I Hate My Wedding Guests Spouses

Do you want to know the meaning of awkward? Well for me it’s having to deal with the spouses of people who I know don’t like me and I don’t like them. Getting married brings with it certain challenges that have to be dealt with and spouses of other people being at the wedding is one of them. For me it’s very important to not let anything ruin my big day. In order to have this be the case there has to be a compromise somewhere.

How to deal with the spouses of people who you know don’t like you is the question we want to address. Well we have some pretty good ideas of how this can be done.

Take to your spouse and let them know what’s going on

One thing that makes things even more awkward at a wedding is when your spouse seems to be oblivious to certain people not being particularly fond of you. It can be friends of theirs, certain family or the spouses of either your guests or the other partner’s guests.

You have to make it clear to them that someone has an issue with you so that they can be proactive. In the case that it’s somebody on their side, they can take measures to address any issues in order to avoid awkwardness on your wedding day.

Speak to the guest that has the spouse who doesn’t like you

Keep in mind that at the end of the day we’re still talking about your wedding. The number one way to ensure someone isn’t going to show out at your wedding is to speak to the guest responsible for them. You want to make sure you tell them to control the behavior of that person.

It’s much easier to put this in the guests’ hands that have the problematic spouse and be sure to let them know there’s an issue so they can address it.

Try to be cordial, but minimize contact if you can

The best way to deal with the spouses of guests at your wedding who may take issue with you is to simply minimize interaction with them. It’s your big day and you should be stress free. Heck, you could even decide to tell a guest you do want to come that their spouse can’t come unless they show the proper respect when there.

Seeing as how it’s your wedding day you want to focus on the pleasant, and that would be the person you’re about to tie the knot with. Guests that are problematic in any way, especially if it’s a spouse of theirs shouldn’t be tolerated at all. In fact we would advise having a short leash when it comes to any hint of disrespect by any guests. They either behave or they get told to leave.

We know that people don’t want to focus on any negativity when it comes to their wedding day, but any potential issues that threaten to spoil your big day do have to be addressed. The spouses of guests that truly didn’t like one or both of the people being married can cause all sorts of issues.

It could be that they feel someone isn’t good enough or they had a problem in the past that they haven’t worked out. In either case, your big day should be filled with good energy, not negative energy.

This means that spouses of guests and guests in general will have to show a certain level of decorum at your wedding. Any issues they have with either the bride or the groom should be put to the side in respect for both parties.

Child-friendly Chicago Wedding Hall

Help! A Guest Wants To Bring A Plus One To My Wedding

Beth picked out a Chicago wedding venue that she was sure would have more than enough room to sit a large number of guests. She had already made out the guest list and she looked it over and felt comfortable with it. Everything was set to go until the dreaded phone calls started coming in making point of something that often gets overlooked.  What are we talking about here? We’re talking about someone who is already invited wanting to bring along someone else.

Now at first this might not seem like a big problem, if you’ve planned everything to the tee, then this can present a huge problem. In Beth’s case, she wanted her guests to be happy; buy bringing people who weren’t invited was just something she couldn’t allow. So she ended up saying no. That’s the end of it right? No it isn’t. There was a domino effect. The guest that Beth told she couldn’t bring someone last minute for said if the plus one couldn’t come, then they themselves wouldn’t be able to come.

It would be so easy for Beth to simply not care in this case, but what happens when several guests start pulling this? “Is it okay if I bring someone else?”  The answer to this might be yes as long as ample room is still available for them in the Chicago wedding venue that you’ve chosen. What happens though when they start expecting you to shoulder some or all of the costs though? The answer would be heck no.

No matter how much you might want someone to be at your wedding, when they decide they want to have a plus one and on top of this they expect you to shoulder some or all of the costs, then it’s a no go. In Beth’s case, even though it was her big day she still felt so guilty about not doing everything she could in order to accommodate guests. Someone should’ve told Beth the following:

Beth may want guests to be happy, but in the end she still has to consider that it’s her and her groom’s big day. Bring plus ones, in case the plus one someone both the bride and groom are okay with should be a no go.

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To all of you future brides and those that help with your wedding...

Do you want to save money on your wedding, or would it be easier to drive down the highway and throw hundred dollar bills out your window?  Now I don't suggest you throw your money out of the window, but instead, if you could save anywhere from 10%, 20%, up to 80%, wouldn't you rather spend that money on your new home and life?  Come on, if you had a $25,000 wedding and saved even 10%, that's $2500.00 in your pocket!  I don't know about you, but I'm sure that I could find a better use for that money than letting the wedding industry, who, believe me, is here to part you from your money, commit robbery against me!

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You don't have to just take my word for it, here's what a few others have said about my steps for planning a wedding...

"I'd have lost my mind and eloped if it hadn't been for Cheryl's advice and help"

Boy, all those years I had looked at those bridal magazines, I never imagined that it would be so expensive to have someone duplicate a wedding like those I saw. I was in tears, but my Dad had me call Cheryl.  She was just beginning to work on her book at that time.  We had a beautiful church wedding that I will always remember.

Angela S.
Galveston, Texas

"I only had 2 weeks to plan a wedding"

My wedding took place 4th of July weekend, 2008.  I had only 2 weeks to put together a wedding.  My fiancée is in the Air Force, and the date was determined by his leave.  We created great invitations and got them in the mail, had beautiful flowers, a wonderful wedding gown, isle runner, an elegant wedding cake, great reception, and even got to plan our wedding ceremony.  All for under $1000.00!  I'd have forgotten my head if I hadn't had this wedding planner program.

Tiffany G.
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So why do I know so much about weddings?

Oh girl, been there and done that several times myself!  Plus I've helped brides with their honeymoon plans when I owned a Travel Agency, planned and executed flawless weddings (mainly because I use a system like this one!) for friends, family, for brides to be at several apartment complexes that I managed, and I've married (as an Ordained Minister for the last 10 years) many couples and heard the horror stories.  I took the time to learn from my mistakes and from their mistakes.  I'm not a Certified Wedding Planner or Consultant, but if I were, I wouldn't be offering you this system.  I would be charging you between 15%-20%, depending upon the market you lived in!

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Keep reading because this page is all about your wedding....saving lots and lots of money, and staying sane in the process.  Not a bad bargain, if you think about it!

How YOU Can Easily Save $10,000
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If you planned an average wedding that costs between $27,000-$30,000, I guarantee that you will be able to save at least $10,000.

That may sound impossible to you, but it isn't. Just think, if you could save just 35% on each wedding item, the amount of money you save could easily be over $10,000. (Saving 50% off in the wedding market is easy. I'll tell you why in a moment)

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For example...

Did you know that it cost less than $200 to manufacture a wedding gown that retails for over $2,000?  Yes, Dorothy, that's because they're manufactured overseas without the same regard to pay and working conditions that we have here in the United States.

Did you also know that you can buy the same dress at $300 or less?...No,  it's not impossible. As a matter of fact it's very easy.  People who have followed my advice are doing it for their weddings, just like I did it for mine!

AND, you can use the same concept to buy bridesmaid dresses, shoes, headpieces, and other accessories.  ANYONE could do this!  You just have to know how!

Did you know that the single most expensive item on your wedding budget is your caterer? . The average dinner for single guest ranges between $50-$100!  What if you could reduce it to $25-$50 for the same quality meal?  How much money could you save for 50 or 100 guests?...150 guests?

What if you could save 70% on alcohol cost?  Or 50% on Flowers? How about saving 80% on a Limousine or Horse Drawn Carriage?

ADD IT UP!  The amount you save can add up to be a small fortune.  And again, ANYONE, and that means YOU,  can do this!  Maybe you'd like to spend that saved money on a down payment on your new home?

Why Almost All Brides Spend Too Much When They Don't Even Have To... :(

Weddings are classified as "service industry".  Because it is, wedding items have much higher markups compared to non-wedding items because they are  service intensive.

I can never buy a $2000 laptop computer at $500, but  I can buy a $1000 wedding dress at $100.

For example... when you enter a bridal shop to look for a wedding dress, you will get help from a professional. They will help you select right sizes, give you recommendations, tell you that any dress you seem to like looks fabulous on you, and then up sell you into tiaras, veils, accessories, and even shoes.  A retail wedding shop must charge a very high markup to survive the cost of doing business.

And just go to any bridal shop. You will find that the products are more expensive than what you normally see in other stores. It's not that the product is better or any different than what you see in other places, but it's the "hidden" service fee that makes the wedding product more expensive.

If you can avoid the hidden service and find a way to get your wedding product as close to its original source, you can easily save tons of money... as much as 50%-80%.

One of my secrets will teach you exactly that. How to buy a wedding product directly from the manufacturer or at a wholesale price.

That's Not All.  Almost All Brides Pay Too Much Without Even Knowing It...They are Unsuspecting Victims of the Wedding Vendors

Here's another reason why people spend way too much than they should:  Anything with "wedding" is more expensive.

This is a proven fact! Tests show that almost all vendors will provide higher quotes for products or services for a wedding than for any other event.  Renting a reception halls, limousines, catering, dresses, flowers, all of it. They all overcharge anything involved with a wedding.

Did you know that $15,000-$20,000 is the average wedding budget? Yet the actual cost comes out to be $27,852. Then why would a bride knowingly go that far over budget?  Why do we end up spending more than we expect?

Because wedding vendors are experienced sales people! The name of the game is up sell.  Not only do they charge high markups, but they'll do everything in their power to get every single penny possible from you. And they will make you THINK that you got a great deal out on them. Ahh, charm and technique goes a long way!

Few Common Tricks Wedding Vendors Use To Take Extra Money From You...

There are more hidden fees than you can imagine. Cake cutting fees, corkage fees, try on fees, you name it.
They make you put down a deposit without any contract so that later they can charge you more money.

They make you buy NOW by using the old sales trick, the "take away".  The story is another bride is expected back to place their deposit on whatever it is you want, or the price is about to go up, or you're looking at a model that is not going to be produced anymore....any number of stories.

Many hotels buy food in bulk to save money and serve you frozen foods, or cook in advance and freeze the food. Frozen food never tastes as good.
Remove fabric tags from a wedding dress, offering it as a luxurious fabric rather than a cheaper fabric, transforming a very nice $600 dress into a $2000 dress.
Y You didn't get it in writing. Just before your wedding, you discover that you've been moved to a smaller room for the same price and there's nothing you can do about it.
You didn't check out references and have an audition. The wedding planner has booked a yucky band because she gets a 10% commission.
Unique boutiques and wedding salons make up high dollar gowns who are then shown to you at a "sale price".


Surprised?  That's not even half of it.  These scams and more can cost you thousands of dollars, unless you let me show you how to avoid them!

If you haven't planned a wedding before, then you probably are not aware of what to ask for, how to get a good price, and how to avoid scams.

It is sooo common. They will have their way 98% of the time.

No wonder the average wedding cost is $27,852 and  most brides exceed their budget!

Not to worry!  I'm going to teach to where the scams are, how to recognize them, and avoid have them happen to you!  You're very own Fairy Godmother is here! Read on... I will tell you how.

My arm was twisted!  I had to let you in on the amazing secrets that I taught brides to use...after all, you don't all live where I do!

Look, after seeing the savings results and lovely outcome of my own Las Vegas wedding, my friend Tif came to me in a panic.  She had a limited budget and only 2 weeks to put together her very special day.  Her fiancée was in the military and had only one shot at getting leave for their wedding. Her back was against the wall.  So I sent her and her mom the rough draft of the first half of my book, and walked her through the rest.

She was amazed at how the checklists got her organized, how much money she saved, (she was on a very tight budget of $1000.00), and how beautiful the wedding and reception turned out to be.

A week later, after her new husband had returned to base to make arrangements for her to join him in their new base housing, she called and said "you're crazy if you don't finish this book at get it out there. There's no way I could have pulled this off without you, and I'm sure I'm not the only bride that's overwhelmed by how to do it and how much it can cost. We need you!"

I just laughed and thanked her for the complement.

I wasn't laughing when one of the guests from her wedding called and said "I saw what you did for Tif and I want to be able to do the same thing for my daughter. Where did you get those centerpieces on the dinner tables?"

Well, I know, and you know, the first question is never the last, and I own several businesses already and have a counseling practice to boot. As much as I love brides, I just don't have the time to do wedding planning.

So the logical thing to do was finish the book, lay it out step by step, so that brides could do it without my "in person" assistance. It was simply the only way to manage the situation!  I wanted brides to have their own success stories to share with their families and friends. Without having to resort to tranquilizers!

So I began to reorganize and complete my ideas into a step-by-step wedding planning guide that could be used by brides worldwide. I asked many brides what their major concerns were and also added that to my wedding planning guide.

This Is Not Your Grandmother's Wedding!  Why used old, outdated ideas to have your own Fairy Tale Wedding?  Your Fairy Godmother has arrived!

I took everything that I  learned, my own experience, and every tip and trick that I could uncover, every priceless piece of advice from wedding "insiders" and created the ultimate, step-by-step wedding planning survival guide... Especially for those who have a low budget but still want to have a luxurious-looking wedding!

You will get down to earth no B.S. advice that's been tried and true,  insider tips,  and wedding planning secrets designed to avoid disasters, eliminate stress, and save you a ton of money. (and no, you will NOT find anything like this in one of those $10-$30 wedding books you see on bookstores, magazine, or online stores)

Knowing what to do is the EASY PART, but knowing HOW to do it is the most important thing, which is exactly what "Taking Your Power Back: Wedding Planner" provides to YOU!



Here's just a few of the things you will discover in my "Taking Your Power Back Wedding Planner" :

Time and date matters! I'll tell you the best time of the day, the best time of the week to get the absolutely cheapest price possible for food and beverages.
One way that will dramatically reduce the cost for flowers and bouquet as much as 70%.
Ways to cut your expense dramatically when booking your wedding reception site.
Discover a clever trick that will enhance the look of your flowers and bouquet.
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Clever and sneaky ways to cut your wedding cake cost by 70%
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One little idea that could slash your wedding reception cost by thousands of dollars
"I'm Your Best Salesman!"

Dear Cheryl,

It's about time you finished this book! I've been your neighbor and your manicurist for a couple of years now, and I've seen 1st hand the kind of weddings you've put together. I do the hands and feet of many clients, and the ones who have followed your advice, when they bring in the wedding party for their manicures before the big day, boy, I hear all the juice! LOL Girl, you've figured this thing out. It's so much easier now to just hand them your card, let them go to your website, and download this great book for themselves. Boy, wish I'd known you before my wedding! Ron sure would have appreciated all the money I could have saved!

Tracy L.
Longview, Tx.

But that's just the beginning of what you'll learn in this step-by-step easy to follow, stress free wedding planner.  How about....

How to choose a gorgeous wedding theme and save major bucks
Ideas on how you can write enchanting, unique wedding vows
Which are the 7 dates that you should never pick for your wedding
Word for word how to write your thank you notes painlessly
3 ways to avoid getting gifts that you don't want and don't need
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A HUGE assortment of ceremonies, vows, and ring vows already written to make your ceremony unforgettable
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"How Much Money Do You Want to Save
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I mean, it's really up to you, isn't it?  I have worked with wealthy brides, but I've never worked with one that didn't want to save money.  It's a matter of pride and economics to not get ripped off!  Using just some of the ideas  from my wedding planning guide could save up to 80% on specific wedding expenses. And that's regardless of what your wedding budget might be!

Let's just say that you only saved 10% on a $10,000 wedding. And nowadays, that's far below the average cost of a wedding!  That's a guaranteed savings of $1000.00.  Not chump change!  And believe me, if you use even a few of the ideas from this painless wedding planning guide, you'll save WAY more than that!

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Because today, I'm offering my amazing wedding planning guide for just a one-time investment of $39.95 $9.99! And that's for 275 pages of power packed information!

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If you actually leave this page without trying a FREE "Take Your Power Back Wedding Planning Guide, you're throwing your money away! Thousands away on just ONE wedding!

I'm sorry.  I've made it as easy as it can possible be. Why would you want to do it the hard way, struggle and cause yourself stress, and cost yourself money to boot! I guarantee that there will be last minute "forgot to do" and disasters as you go along, and money down the drain. You have one and only one chance to make your wedding as perfect as your love, and at a very small investment considering the return. I hate to say it, but without my guide, you run the risk of struggling by doing things the hard way, taking the chance for a possible disaster, forgetting a crucial detail, or unnecessarily paying way more money than you should. You will never be able to make your beautiful wedding and lasting memories at such a low price. Because you won't find information like this elsewhere.

Remember, your wedding is a once in a lifetime event.  Make it a day as special as your love!

"What would I have done, after a surprise proposal, living in a small town that I wasn't even from!"

I've protected our names because of my husband's sports celebrity status, but this is a real story from the '70's when I knew Cheryl in a small, minor league town where my husband was playing baseball.

You know, in the '70's, we didn't have the internet to research things like we do now. But thank heavens, we had Cheryl!

Cheryl has sent me her book to take a look at and I can tell you that she did indeed begin this work from her hand typed lists many years ago. She was the "go to" girl we all depended upon when we needed to get a first class function put together, as well as my wedding and others.

Because she had already done all of the leg work in our local area, as well as things she had shipped in from others, we could depend upon elegance and fun at our wedding and reception.

She began with a surprise proposal during the 7th inning stretch from my sweetie, done at home plate by microphone, me in the stands, with music by the park organist. It was the biggest surprise of my life!

She walked us through the wedding planning process and our day came off without a hitch!

Thanks again Cheryl!  Guess it worked.  We've been married since the late '70's!

Marion, the Baseball Wife

Don't forget, I'll show you the steps for planning a wedding, wedding planning timelines, and really fast wedding planning!

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