Wear big or small, top watches selecting Guide

The size of top watches from large to small, seemingly changes frequently, in fact, watch the changes in size or even smaller than the dial changes the frequency of graphic design. If I have to watch the trend of size to be a summary, we can only say, watch size is more reasonable. The real trouble brought by their sizes is that the large watch to buy or small to buy?

The size of top watches and other watches to choose
For beginning readers consider buying top watches, I’d like to give a very simple but very reliable and practical advice: choose the size of table according to the principle of buying a suit, choose other form watches need to comply with the principle of buying the car, quality first. The important properties of watches is as modern humans’s jewelry. But as the consumer concerned, the table can be divided into suits, sports and leisure tables and special watch. Which the first two categories can be subdivided into dress form, business form, Sport, Leisure form. Segmentation, more can be clear that the right to buy dress form, rather small not big. The other tables on the contrary, that is rather large not small.

The ideal size of top watches
Patek Philippe’s former president Philippe Stern said, the ideal size of the top watch should be installed in 33 to 39 mm. In 2006, Patek Philippe launched the 5960P Chronograph, watch dimensions of 40 mm. ‘That size is determined by the movement’ Mr. President said. Four years later, Patek Philippe chronograph movement entirely independent advent (diameter 39 mm), proved no joke, Mr. President. Ru satisfied FPJOURNE view full size of the case that high of a clock master skill. He said ‘What I do the watch first is watch size, and then determine the size of the movement’.

Choose top watches like select the suits
The table with suits, the most typical, that is, top watches as an example, is rather small not to comply with the second one. Since the watch in the last century inception, and even today is the pursuit of elegance as the main guiding principle. Watch the elegant, mainly in the thin and small. The pursuit of elegance of the watch industry also has been a long-term challenges, as compared to the previous pocket watch movement more space, easier to manufacture. The pursuit of small size, the whole watch industry in the 20th century, the main values. And this value is actually determined by the values of fashion over the same period – the sale of the senior watch elegant style-driven. Even the biggest-selling luxury watches Rolex, and its style also reflects the fit and not exaggerated.

Luxury sports top watches
‘Although here we should wear dress form watch, but this kid’s sports watch is big and more expensive, ours are golden, his is steel.’ Therefore, the luxury sports watch can act as a dress form. If you want to buy a top watch, then at this price, luxury sports watch is also a good choice.

Classic couple watches recommended

Look around our living environment, whether it is construction or furniture, European-style has become the most popular style, the kind of simple but certainly not monotonous design make urban men and women vie with each reveal their own signs. In the watch field, simple style of modern urban design have to take the lead from start to finish. They sense that the elegant lines, the workplace are the safest choice; they also put in some effort in some details of the deal, in addition to the insurance people think some effort, effort. If you are a young city workers, greater than the requirements for the design function, and has the courage to accept new things, then this couple watches definitely won your heart.

Longines ingenuity couple watches
Longines watches that has always using elegantly simple design to capture people’s heart, playing the Mix Match game this time. The couple watches are not from the same series of tables, but the brand makes the mens watch that most representative of gentlemanly and the heart ladies watch of the most femininity free to make a group, dedicated to the perfect match couple. The two watches use rose gold as main colors, male models more emphasis on functional, female models is responsible for the interpretation of the elegant and charming temperament, although the division is different, but they tell us the truth – Love is timeless.

Ernest Borel Legend Series of couple watches
Male and female models in the design exactly the same, only on the change in the Size Borel watch, the biggest feature of this couple watches is the attempt to couple non-circular table design. Stainless steel is very hot this year, with the texture of the table to bring in an extraordinary case and, in particular, its square is not completely square, but with a little curved corner design, coupled with the disk’s embossed, Roman numerals, a little in the modern means in the integration of classical temperament.

Movado SAGE Series of couple watches
Regardless of character or nature of the work, Movado watches can easily please the consumer, the final analysis, is its design. This SAGE couple watches use sharp collection dial with stylish slim case design, deep black dial only 12 points above the “noon dots”, symbolizing the couple’s relationship in the center, women’s in case the arc on both sides of the watch is set with 26 diamonds, sparkling light, and the center dot pavilions. Chain-style bracelet of interlocking, indicating that the emotion can not be divided between the couple.

Hublot Diamond sports couple watches
There are rumors about a year ago that wealthy people are reflected in the choice to buy Hublot, we quickly went over crowd a bit Hublot, really good: look especially masculine, the use of precious metal, so heavy in his hand , making use of precious stones, and almost frustrating to watch the first rubber material to the brand, now they seem to insert strap leather strap rubber layer, so wearing them is ever docile to the touch and soft. These couple watches in front are chronograph watches, one for him, one for her, no gas field and courage, it is difficult to manage.