Getting engaged is very exhilarating. The first thing you want to do is tell all of your friends and family. After you’ve accomplished that, your mind starts to turn towards shopping for the wedding. There are so many choices out there, that it can seem mind-boggling, especially if you’ve never planned a wedding before. Not only is it mind-boggling, but you’ll also realize rather quickly that weddings are also very expensive.

Many couples would like to know why everything is so expensive. Is it price gouging?

Not exactly. In reality, the wedding industry is expensive for a number of different reasons. Many couples are marrying for the first time and more importantly, are planning a wedding for the first time as well. Inexperience causes us to do many things, and where weddings are concerned… it causes us to buy many items that are either unnecessary or could be bought for less. This is great for the wedding industry, but could be fatal to your pocketbook.

DIY Wedding Preparation: How to Save Money on Weddings

Saving money on weddings requires developing an organized budget, prioritizing expenses and completing simple DIY projects for the decorations and invitations. Find ways to save money with tips and advice from a wedding consultant in this video on planning weddings.

Another factor to consider is that the wedding industry charges only what couples will pay. As with any other industry, if they charged more, they would be out of business. If the majority of couples are willing to pay the prices that the vendors set, then the vendor will charge the rest of us those same prices. It’s not price gouging, it’s business.

With the stress already apparent when starting to plan a wedding, many couples choose to take the easiest route possible. They don’t shop around for a better price nor do they consider other options. This, as well, is a factor that benefits the industry rather than the consumer.

Finally, many couples aren’t aware that there is an alternative to the traditional services and goods that the wedding industry offers. All of these factors combined, end up creating a case of budgeting blues for the couple, and also allow the wedding industry to become more expensive with each passing year.
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Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding

Despite all of the reasons that weddings are expensive, there is hope. Your first step is to become educated about weddings, rather than going into the planning of them blindly. This step alone will help you to become knowledgable about weddings as well as average wedding prices. By educating yourself, you will be able to find out which aspects of a wedding are most important to you. Perhaps the best advice I can ever hope to give you is that an educated consumer can make educated choices whereas one that doesn’t take the time to learn can be talked into needing anything.

Once you have a bit of knowledge to back you up, you will be in a better position to seek out a bargain. You will also be able to realize when a price is too expensive for the service you receive. While it may seem like a little thing, it can actually save you thousands of dollars where weddings are concerned. The prices that you find may be set by the vendors, but you’ll be able to go elsewhere if you believe that you can find a better one.

Armed with your knowledge, you are also less likely to take the easy way out. If you believe a price is unfair, you will start looking elsewhere. You will start to shop around for a better price, and may even consider other alternatives. This will open the way for yet more savings.

Many couples are unaware of alternatives. Alternatives to traditional wedding services and goods can save you more money than any other option. The word “wedding” seems to increase the price of goods quite a bit. My suggestion is that it is a word that you should avoid if at all possible.

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